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WELCOME to the first and last hotel in South Australia! 

Due to unplanned circumstances the licensed area of the 

Community Run - Coburn Hotel is temporarily closed.

This also means our van park is temporarily unmanned.

What does this mean for you?

Opportunity Knocks................Want to run a pub and park??

Between the community, Cockburn Progress Association Inc and the Owner of the Coburn Hotel there are some cool and exciting incentives on offer for the right hearts to come grab this opportunity, while there are people on the road everywhere.

There is ongoing revenue with Auspost Agency and the hotel still has some long term accommodation agreements in place and options for cooking contracts also - and so much more

We would love to hear from you.


Our current Auspost service continues as is in the interim.

Anyone interested in assisting / applying for a role please message us.

 Such an important and appreciated service to keep going for all in the wider community.

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